Table 1A: Weaning from Assist Control to Pressure Support. Weaning Time < 1 day.

a. Skip Plan A if a patient is already on PSV/Continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP)
b. Change mode from Assist Control to PSV/CPAP
c. Preset PSV by calculation ¾ of current PIP. Do not exceed 20 cm of H2O. Switch modes. Obtain ABG and consult with a physician for further orders if abnormal.
d. The patient’s respiratory rate should be in the range of 12-40 breaths per minute
e. Tidal volume greater than 5 ml/kg
f. Maintain current minute volume
g. Continue to plan B the same day, if appropriate
h. If unable to maintain the AC mode for 3-5 days, go to plan D and evaluate for intermittent sedation.