Table 2.: A Comparison of Spontaneous Cushing Syndrome and Iatrogenic Cushings syndrome.

Clinical Features Spontaneous Cushing’s Syndrome Iatrogenic Cushing’s Syndrome
H/o exogenous steroid intake Absent Present
Onset and progression Develop gradually More abrupt with striking features
Psychological features Less severe More severe
Hypertension  More common Less common
Hirsutism, virilising feature  More common Less common
Menstrural irregularities More common Less common
Glucoma, ocular features Less common More common
Avascular necrosis Less common More common
Benign intracranial hypertension Less common More common
Pancreatitis Less common More common
Osteoporosis Less common More common
Spinal epidural lipomatosis Uncommon Rarely reported
Serum cortisol Increased Suppressed
ACTH Increased / decreased Suppressed
Adrenal suppression Absent Present