Table 1: Measures used in prior studies to assess football spectators’ behavioral intentions.

Measures of Behavioral Intentions Year and Sources
Game attendance
Probability to attend more team games in the future.
Probability to make the same choice if having to attend a team game again.
2005 [21]
2008 [22]
2008 [23]
2012 [24]
2012 [25]
2012 [26]
2013 [4]
2013 [8]
2013 [20]
2013 [3]
2014 [27]
2014 [28]
Game recommendation
Likelihood to recommend team games to friends and family (or to others, in general).
Other forms of team support
Likelihood to purchase other products and services of the team (e.g. team-related merchandise).
Likelihood to watch team games on TV.
Likelihood to participate in discussions about the team.
Likelihood to wear the team colors and logo.