Table 2: Measures of service quality in football context and its relationship with behavioral intentions.

Year and Source Measures of Service Quality Predictors of Behavioral Intentions
2008 [23] Tangibles, Responsiveness, Access, Security and Reliability. Tangibles, Responsiveness, Access, Reliability.
2011 [33] Tangibles, Responsiveness, Access, Security and Reliability. Not tested.
2012 [34] Tangibles, Responsiveness, Access, Security, Reliability, Auditory and Game quality. Not tested.
2013 [3] Functional quality (Tangibles, Responsiveness, Access, Security and Reliability) and Outcome quality (Team performance and Game quality). Outcome quality (direct effect). Functional quality (via Satisfaction).
2013 [4] Player performance, Opponent characteristics, Referees, Frontline employees, Facility assess, Seat space, Facility design, Game atmosphere and Crowd experience. Referees, Security and Crowd experience (direct effect).
Player performance, Opponent characteristics, Crowd experience, Game atmosphere and Referees (via Satisfaction).
2014 [28] Game quality, Augment service, Interaction, Outcome and Environment. Game quality, Augment service, outcome and Environment (via Satisfaction).