Table 1: Reasons and circumstances of the reversing manoeuvres (n = 61).

Reasons and Circumstances
of the Reversing Manoeuvre
Number of Cases
(and Percentage)
a) Vehicle reversing to leave/enter a parking space 24 (39%) (in streets: 16 cases; in car parks: 8 cases)
(to leave/enter a space: 18 cases/6 cases)
b) Vehicle reversing into a perpendicular street
to reach a parking space or to deliver goods
9 (15%) (to reach a parking space: 6 cases; to deliver goods: 3 cases)
c) Vehicle reversing down a narrow street
or cul-de-sac to reach the main street
7 (11%) (after delivering goods: 5 cases)
d) Vehicle reversing down a street to reach a given point (shop, place of residence, parking space) 4 (7%)
e) Vehicle reversing to leave a car park or a driveway 3 (5%)
f) Vehicle reversing to make a U-turn 3 (5%) (in streets: 2 cases; in car parks: 1 case)
g) Vehicle reversing for a road-related work activity 3 (5%) (street cleaning: 1 case; breakdown truck approaching to load a car: 2 cases)
h) Miscellaneous 6 (10%) (in streets: 3 cases; in car parks: 3 cases)
i) Vehicle reversing for an unknown reason 2 (3%) (in streets)
Total 61 (100%)

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