Table 1: Research on walk trip in developing countries.

S/N Description Authors
1 Health Perspective Basset [28]
2 Commuting patterns and travel preferences of members of the university Shannon [29] and Whalen [30]
3 Conducted a study on how to make more cycling useful for road safety Wegman [31]
4 Examined active travel behaviour models. Burbidge and Goulias [32]
5 Developed and established the test-retest reliability Ogilvie et al. [33]
6 Active travel behaviour and age, as well as health Mattson [34], Morelli [35], Ryley [36],
7 Gender, security concerns, time of the day, and social concerns Gropp [37]; Morelli [35],
8 Marital status Ryley [36],
9 Income Morelli [35],
10 Fitness, environmental concerns, and domestic responsibilities. Morelli [35]; Ryley [36]; Whalen [38],
11 Evaluated active transport benefits and costs and came up with a useful guide on factors that affect active travel demand. Litman [39]