Table 1: Exercise counselling and patient outcomes.

Effects of aerobic exercise and resistance training on lipid profiles and inflammation status in patients on maintenance hemodialysis.
Afshar et al. (2010)
21 males
maintenance HD > 3 months; age > 20 years
Aerobic and resistance training RCT 8 weeks HD unit in Tehran Blood lipids and inflammation status
Blood chemistry (urea, creatinine, lipids, CRP), Kt/V and anthropometric measure in HD
Result: CRP and creatinine reduction in aerobic exercise (P = 0.005) and resistance (P = 0.036), no effect on weight, urea, lipids or Kt/V
Effects of Recombinant Human Erythropoietin and Exercise Training on Exercise Capacity in Hemodialysis Patients(akiba et al 1995) 12
HD patients with low physical function and activity levels
Exercise training & usual care RCT 12weeks Tokyo, HDU Aerobic capacity
VO2 max (P < 0.05) and VO2AT (P < 0.05) were decreased among controls and unchanged among intervention grou
Effects of intradialytic cycling compared with pedometer on physical function in chronic outpatient hemodialysis: A prospective randomized trial(Clara Bohm et al 2014) 60 Patients
Ergometer group cycled for 24 weeks. Pedometer participants followed a home-based walking program for 24 weeks
intradialytic low-intensity, strength training & stretching RCT 24 weeks HDU and home setting Primary outcome: aerobic capacity [VO2peak and 6-minute walk (6MW)
Secondary outcome: Secondary outcomes included lower extremity strength, flexibility, physical activity (accelerometer) and health-related quality of life.
Result: SS testing in the ergometer group improved from 10.2 (SD 3.4) to 11.4 (SD 2.5) cycles from baseline to 24 weeks (P < 0.005). Similarly, in the pedometer group, SS cycles improved from 10.1 (SD 3.3) to 12.2 (SD 3.5) (P < 0.005) No significant changes in secondary outcome
The effect of resistance exercise to augment long-term benefits of intradialytic oral nutritional supplementation in chronic hemodialysis patients.
Dong J et al 2011
32 patients on HD Resistance training plus nutrition and only nutrition in the control group Interventional study 6 months HDU Body composition, muscle strength,
Biochemical parameters, recall dietary
Result: No difference in lean body mass. Weight and strength increased in intervention group
A modified yoga-based exercise program in hemodialysis patients: A randomized controlled study
(Yurtkuran M 2007)
37 Patients on HD yoga-based exercises versus usual care RCT 12 weeks HDU Pain, fatigue, sleep, grip strength, biochemical variables
Result: Improvement in pain −37%, fatigue −55%, sleep disturbance −25%, strength +15%, Ht +13%, creatinine −14%, cholesterol −15%