Table 1:
Tumour Type Age Time Before Malignancy Diagnosed Symptoms Treatment Outcome Comment Reference
Epithelioid sarcoma 23 6 years Mass and pain and deviation on erection; later, urethral compression, then vascular engorgement and focal gangrene Partial penectomy; radiotherapy and chemotherapy for pulmonary metastases Alive with metastatic disease more than 2 years after diagnosis Earlier biopsy misdiagnosed as supporting Peyronies disease Moore [8]
29 5 months Plaque Chemotherapy1 Died at 24 months of metastatic disease Hauck [11]
35 26 months Erectile dysfunction, penile deviation and extrinsic urethral stenosis; later nodule Radical penectomy and bilateral regional lymph node dissection Disease-free at 20 months Earlier biopsy misdiagnosed as chronic inflammation and fibrosis Rossi [10]
39 13 years Nodule, erectile pain and penile curvature Total penectomy Disease-free at 6 months Two earlier biopsies reported as penile fibromatosis Ormsby [9]
Angiosarcoma 40 2 years Painful plaque; pain on erection Excision biopsy and radiotherapy1 Disease-free at 6 months Ung [6]
Atypical epithelioid haemangioma 42 8 years Painful penile nodule Excision Disease-free at 14 months Natali [7]
B-cell non-Hodgkin lymphoma 60 13.5 years Mass; later, erectile dysfunction, penile enlargement and acute urinary retention Phallectomy and chemotherapy Disease-free at 6 years Earlier biopsy of mass (3.5 years before diagnosis) consistent with Peyronies disease Yu [5]
Squamous cell carcinoma 86 Several years Mass and paraphimosis; later haematuria Palliative care Died at 2 months Current case

1 The patient refused radical surgery.

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