Table 2: Effective Henipavirus Vaccines

Immunization Schedule Adjuvant Challenge: Dose and Route Immune Correlates of Survival
Vaccinia viruses encoding NiV F or G (hamsters) 2 subcutaneous doses
(107 pfu per dose)
1 month apart
None 3 months post immunization, 1000 pfu NiV intraperitoneally Viral load
Antibodies (ELISA and SNT)
Canarypox viruses encoding NiV F or G (pigs) 2 intramuscular doses (108 pfu per dose)
14 days apart
None 29 days post immunization, 2.5 x 105 pfu NiV intranasally Viral load
Cytokine production
Recombinant HeV or NiV soluble G (cats) 3 subcutaneous doses (100 µg per dose)
14 days apart
CSIRO triple adjuvant 11 weeks post immunization, 500 TCID50 NiV subcutaneously Viral load
Antibodies (SNT)