Table 2: The reasons for the screening of HBsAg.

Number of individuals Percentage
SS 711 59,25
PNA 150 12,50
CARL 145 12,08
BA 96 8,00
CANRL 80 6,67
POA 18 1,50
Total 1200 100,00

SS (Systematic Screening) means that the subject screened had no symptom or there was another reason such as health check, prenuptial review, medical fitness, blood exposure accident and review for sexual abuse. PNA (Pre-Natal Assessment) is related to the monitoring of pregnancy. CARL (Clinical Abnormalities Related with the Liver) include edema and ascites syndrome, pain in the right upper quadrant of the abdomen, icterus, hepatomegaly, suspected hepatitis, liver cirrhosis. BA (Biological Abnormalities) include cholestasis syndrome, cytolysis syndrome, liver disorder, decrease in liver function, pancytopenia, myelosuppression. CANRL (Clinical Abnormalities Not Related with the Liver) include infectious syndrome, asthenia, hyperthermia, nephrotic syndrom, spinal pain, sickle cell disease, chronic renal failure on dialysis, hypotension, gastroduodenal reflux and, atrioventricular communication. POA (Pre-Operative Assessment) concerns the screening of HBsAg performed before surgery.