Fig. (5) The influence of colchicine treatment on the subcellular localization of GFP-TGBp1 in epidermal cells of of N. benthamiana leaves agroinfiltrated with the construct 35S:GFP-TGBp1-NOS:TGBp2/TGBp3. A, cells in a control leaf infiltrated with 35S:YFP-MAP4 construct. B, YFP-MAP4-expressing cells after colchicine treatment. C and D, cell in leaves agroinfiltrated with 35S:GFP-TGBp1-NOS:TGBp2/TGBp3 construct without colchicine treatment (C) and treated with colchicine (D). Cells were imaged at 3 days post infiltration. Images are reconstructed by superposition of series of confocal optical sections. Scale bars, 20 ┬Ám.