Table 1: Representative Data of the Effect of Depletion of CD3 Positive, CD19 Positive and CD56 Positive Cells from Plasma: Percoll Purified Neutrophil Populations. Cells were Infected with RSV at an m.o.i. of 2 and Apoptosis was Assessed at 12 Hours Post-Infection. Experiments were Performed at Least Twice on Cells from Different Donors

Depletion Performed. Donor Matched Plasma: Percoll Purified Neutrophils (% of Apoptotic Cells) Donor Matched Ultra Purified Neutrophils (% of Apoptotic Cells) Depleted Cell Population (% of Apoptotic Cells)
CD3 6.34% 30.90% 9.2%
CD19 16.37% 31.58% 18.06%
CD56 15.33% 26.67% 6.00%