Table 1: Tiling Microarray Representation of Common Food-Borne Viruses

Virus Straina Number of Probesb

Hepatitis A virus Genotype IA 4500
IB 4500
IIA 1500
IIB 1500
IIIA 1500
IIIB 1500
Capsid VP1-2 5371
VP3 4526
Coxsackievirus Serotype B1 1500
B2 1500
B3 1500
B4 1500
B5 1500
A2 1500
A5 1500
A7 1500
A16 1500
A24 1500
Norovirus Genogroup I 11468
Genogroup II 18736
Rotavirus Segment/Group IA 6620
IB 1770
IC 1650
IVA 4660
IVB 1128
IVC 1113
Hepatitis E virus - 1500
Astrovirus - 1500
Sapovirus - 1500

a The genotype, genogroup and serotype identities are given for the virus strains of hepatitis A virus, norovirus and coxsackievirus sequences, respectively, represented on the array; the single hepatitis E virus, astrovirus and sapovirus strains represented on the array do not currently have a comparable designation. The rotavirus strain sequences are identified by their group (i.e., A, B, or C) designation preceded by the genome segment number. Partial sequences representing the capsid protein VP3 and the capsid protein VP1-2A protein junction are also represented on the array.
b The respective probe sets were derived from GenBank sequences (partial and complete) available for the indicated virus strains.