Table 2: Different Genotypic Categories of HIV-1 Strains Among IDUs of Nagaland

Sample ID Genotype categories gag env
nag 33, nag 25, nag 65, nag 86, nag 88, nag 111 gag (African)/env (African) C C
nag 113 gag (Indian)/env (African) C C
nag 152, nag 157 gag (Indian)/env (Indian) C C
nag 49, nag 81 gag (African)/env (Indian) C C
nag 1, nag 23, nag 57, nag135 gag (African)/env (Thai) C B
nag 12, nag 153 gag (Indian)/env (Thai) C B
nag 120 gag (Thai)/env (Thai) B B

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