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ISSN: 1874-6136 ― Volume 11, 2017
Clinical improvement by switching to an integrase strand transfer inhibitor in hemophiliac patients with HIV: the Japan Cohort Study of HIV Patients Infected through Blood Products
The Open Aids Journal, 2017, 11
Miyuki Kawado, Shuji Hashimoto, Shin-ichi Oka, Katsuyuki Fukutake, Satoshi Higasa, Hiroshi Yatsuhashi, Miwa Ogane, Manabu Okamoto, Takuma Shirasaka

[Electronic publication date: 16/03/2017] [Collection year: 2017]
[Publisher Item Identifier (PII): BSP-TOAIDJ-2017-50]

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Plasma level of soluble ST2 in HIV-1-infected adults with suppressed viremia
The Open Aids Journal, 2017, 11
Mehwish YOUNAS, Christina PSOMAS, Vikram MEHRAJ, Renaud CEZAR, Pierre PORTALES, Edouard TUAILLON, Adeline GUIGUES, Jacques REYNES, Pierre CORBEAU, Jean-Pierre ROUTY

[Electronic publication date: 06/03/2017] [Collection year: 2017]
[Publisher Item Identifier (PII): BSP-TOAIDJ-2016-39]

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Plasma IP-10 concentrations correlate positively with viraemia and inversely with CD4 counts in untreated HIV infection
The Open Aids Journal, 2017, 11
Kudakwashe Mhandire, Tommy Mlambo, Lynn Sodai Zijenah, Kerina Duri, Kudzaishe Mateveke, Mqondisi Tshabalala, Doreen Zvipo Mhandire, Cuthbert Musarurwa, Petronella Taonga Wekare, Lovemore Ronald Mazengera, Hilda Tendisa Matarira, Babill Stray-Pedersen

[Electronic publication date: 27/02/2017] [Collection year: 2017]
[Publisher Item Identifier (PII): BSP-TOAIDJ-2016-45]

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Forms of stigma and discrimination in the daily lives of HIV-positive individuals in Mauritania
The Open Aids Journal, 2017, 11
Boushab Mohamed Boushab, Fall-Malick Fatim Zahra, Ould Cheikh Melaïnine Mohamed Limame, Leonardo Kishi Basco

[Electronic publication date: 15/02/2017] [Collection year: 2017]
[Publisher Item Identifier (PII): BSP-TOAIDJ-2016-48]

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