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Graziella Di Grezia (Biography
Graziella Di Grezia

Graziella Di Grezia is Radiologist MD, PhD, is currently first level medical manager of “G. Criscuoli” Hospital -S. Angelo dei Lombardi (Av), Italy. She completed PhD Certification in Pharmacological Sciences and Clinical and Experimental Medicine at Second University of Naples and second level master in Breast Diagnostic and Interventional Imaging at “Tor Vergata University” in Rome. She is a member of Italian and European Society of Radiology. The research of G. Di Grezia is documented by about 100 publications (including articles, book chapters, national and international communications). She resulted winning the Best oral communication in 17° National Congress of Psichogeriatry Firenze (2017) and the First Award “Geriatry Tomorrow” Italian federation of Medicine in Geriatry (2019).


Radiology Department
Criscuoli Hospital
Sant'Angelo dei Lombardi

U.S.F. Tambunan (Biography
U.S.F. Tambunan

Usman Sumo Friend Tambunan earned his Dr. degree in Chemistry from Tohoku University, Japan in 1986. Afterward, he carried out postdoctoral research at Kansas University, USA and in Taiwan. Prof. Tambunan research interests focus on drug and vaccine design using computational method for avian influenza, Ebola virus, dengue virus, and cervical cancer. His research includes the development of natural products, cyclic peptides, and fragment-based drug design to find a drug candidate to combat these diseases. For his research achievement and dedication, he has been rewarded with Satya Lencana in 2010 and 3rd Best Professor at Universitas Indonesia in 2009.


Department of Chemistry
Universitas Indonesia

R.M. Martínez-Espinosa (Biography
R.M. Martínez-Espinosa

Dr. Rosa María Martínez-Espinosa (born February 1976) is a Spanish Senior Lecturer who is currently Vice-Dean of Postgraduate studies at the Faculty of Science (University of Alicante, Spain). Other positions she has held at the university include Vice-Dean of the Degree in Biology and Vice-Dean for Mobility and Enterprise, and Engagement, at the Faculty of Science (University of Alicante). Dr. Martínez-Espinosa completed her education at the University of Alicante (B.Sc. - Biology, Ph.D. - Biochemistry). Her research interests mainly involve archaea metabolism, enzymes purification and characterization, gene regulation, carotenoids production, waste water treatments, and brines bioremediation. She, as an author/co-author, has published more than 30 articles in various journals, having over 425 total citations.


Department of Agrochemistry and Biochemistry
University of Alicante

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