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Seismic Response of Shear Distortion Type Buildings

The Open Construction and Building Technology Journal, 2009, 3: 113-118

P.A. Rekvava

K. Zavriev Institute of Structural Mechanics and Earthquake Engineering, Tbilisi, Georgia.

Electronic publication date 4/12/2009
[DOI: 10.2174/1874836800903010113]


A plastic hinge joints method is used to estimate the seismic nonlinear response of shear distortion type structures or large panel buildings. For consideration of interaction of building with the soil there is considered a complex model of soil-interface-building system containing soil in the form of isotropic half-space and building connected to each other in the zone of contact by non-elastically deformable hinge nodes. The large panel building is represented by a spatial system of plane stressed elastic structural members - wall panels and panel slabs coupled in discrete nodes by nonlinear zero length hinged connections. 3D nonlinear dynamic analysis of the soil-interface-building system is carried out by the substructures method using an implicit time integration scheme. There is given an example of a five story panel building with wide spacing 7.2-8.4 m. This study has taken into account the stochastic nature of the ground motion in Tbilisi region. The calculated values of response parameters at different levels of peak ground acceleration indicate that the reliability of the new generation panel building is satisfactory.

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